About Us

734 Lawyers is a collection of information available online that deals exclusively with the portion of Michigan that falls within the 734 area code. The majority of the website focuses the densest concentrations of residents in the southeastern section of Michigan covered by the 734 area code, which are the count of Washtenaw, and the cities of Canton, Westland, Livonia, and Ann Arbor. This website is tailored to examine the work and living opportunities available to attorneys within the 734 area code, as well as help the general public sort out where certain kinds of attorneys are located within the region. The content of 734 Lawyers is provided to inform the general public and members of the legal community about the general socioeconomic atmosphere present in southeastern Michigan, including a detailed look at the industries present in each specific community’s economy, an overview of the sort of social living situations present, and a description of the variety of activities that locals engage in during their free time.